Ready to buy EZcash?
At last you can pay with cash on the internet! Back
Now you don't need a credit card or a bank account for shopping and playing games on line. You can do shopping by choosing EZcash, that's because EZcash is a prepaid card that lets you pay on the Internet. A safe solution: EZcash is issued by www.ezcash.in and is the first prepaid card in India that allows you to make a payment on the Internet.

So you can have peace of mind when making payments on the Internet. Depending on the outlet where you purchase it, your EZcash card will be either be a card with advertising or a print out from a machine. The physical format of your EZcash card makes no difference that how it works.

For purchasing EZcash prepaid card you have to register first on http://www.ezcash.in

In sign up page there are three account types given as follow:
1. Personal account
2. Premier account
3. Merchant account

You have to choose the appropriate account type. After registering on http://www.ezcash.in, your user name and password will be generated. Than after login you will be able to see the EZcash user panel page.

Where you can get a Pin Number. Get this pin on EZcash user panel page

After that you have to enter your credit card details then a unique 12 digit alpha-numeric pin will be generated in EZcash user panel page. You have to activate that 12 digit alpha-numeric pin by clicking on it. When you click on the 12 digit alpha-numeric pin, there must be three options.

1. Activate
2. Deactivate
3. Block

Just click on the first option and the 12 digit alpha-numeric pin will be activated and your Payment will be posted through this pin.

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