What is EZcash?
EZcash is a prepaid card that allows you to play and pay for goods online with cash safely and securely.The most important part of this is to avoid identity theft and internet fraud.
Ready to buy EZcash?
Now you don't need a credit card or a bank account for shopping and playing games on line. You can do shopping by choosing EZcash, that's because EZcash .
Pay Using EZcash?
EZ card is welcomed at over a lot of web shops in India. These includes the largest sites like telecom, games, music download companies and many more.
At last you can pay with cash on the internet!
What's more, it's quick, easy and safe. You don't need a credit card or a bank account. Whether you want to play a game on-line, make a phone call via the internet or go shopping, by choosing EZ cash you'll be getting the safest, simplest solution going: that's because EZ cash is a prepaid card that lets you pay on the internet.
A safe solution: EZ cash is issued by EZ cash.in Limited and is the first prepaid card in India that allows you to make a payment on the internet.

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